New dimensions of

Virtual design and collaboration

More than 1 million VR headsets shipped in Q3 2017 worldwide. VR, AR and mixed reality systems are becoming invaluable also in professional and corporate environments.

Imagine agile workflows with VR/AR

Flexible, location-independent workspaces

VR/AR headset can be connected in any location without having a PC locally. You can access resources with complete flexibility – from any point at any time. It simply works.

Simply collaborate from your own work area

Work jointly on sensitive content from many locations. It’s like magic! The high-end PC is located far away. You won’t believe it is not physically there.

Save up to 90% hardware and software costs

Expensive PC’s and design software licenses can now be centrally located and shared. You can access these resources from anywhere, helping maximize utilization and cost savings.

Who benefits from these solutions?

Automotive Design Centers & Product Design

Designers are completely free in visualizing, testing, and developing products of any size. By entering a virtual representation of their work, they will really begin to feel and understand it. This allows a completely new dimension of content sharing and smooth collaboration between designers.

AR VR Automotive Design Centers Product Design

Venues & Entertainment

VR/AR installations allow museums, theaters and theme parks to amaze visitors and let them dive into virtual worlds. Exciting content is delivered to several points in the facility from PCs located in a secure, centrally managed environment.

AR VR Installations Venues Entertainment

Situational Training

VR/AR multisensory systems enable support crews and maintenance engineers to train in situations that are too dangerous or not possible to replicate in real-life. Centrally-located PCs generate and transmit VR/AR signals in real-time to provide a smooth and realistic environment.

AR VR Multisensory-Systems Situational Training

Need more details?

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