New dimensions of

Automotive Design

Ultra-fine pitch LED video walls for 1:1 representation of new automotive designs are a real game-changer. High-end display solutions up to 8K and beyond are transforming the whole industry.

Imagine 1:1 visualizations in a virtual environment

Infinite resolutions for life-size projection

Help your customer to create virtual representations in life-size. Brilliant image quality in infinite resolutions (8K/60Hz and beyond) and Deep Color (10 bit) with 4:4:4 sampling.

Simply collaborate from many locations

Work jointly on sensitive content from your own work space. It’s like magic! The high-end PCs are re-located in a secure room. Switch instantly and share multiple sources.

Modular design for any

Start small and extend your project as and when required. Your customers in automotive design will appreciate a totally flexible, compact and future-proof system.

How can you benefit from these solutions?


Successful planning and integration

Ambitious projects require straight-forward support from end to end. It’s good to have experts who help you create the perfect solution. Benefit from ongoing support throughout your entire project.


Unbelievable fast setup & dense form factor

It will only take you a few hours to set up an entire system for quick access and relocation of equipment – almost like plug & play. Other solutions require much more rack space, time-intensive planning and configuration.


Amaze your customers

Extending and switching of signals with infinite resolutions in highest quality allow for new dimensions in automotive design and collaboration. Guide your customers to a new world of possibilities. Boost customer ROI by sharing resources and licenses.

Need more details?

Feel free to get in touch with an expert for more details. You can also simply download the solution brief below.