New dimensions of

Automotive design

Modern display systems like VR and LED video walls integrate easily into the workflow and provide infinite possibilities for automotive design centers.

Imagine 1:1 visualizations in a virtual environment

Life-size models displayed on a Deep Color video wall

Let a virtual representation of your new design project appear on your high-end LED wall. Brilliant image quality in infinite resolutions and Deep Color leads to a super-realistic representation.

Make design changes in real time

Collaborate jointly with your colleagues from various offices, making changes to your design instantly. Display the changes in real-time on the video wall.

Save space and increase security

By using a fraction of the space for your hardware, this new way of working can be much easier implemented in any of your locations. Simplifying maintenance and increasing security.

How can you benefit from these solutions?

Instantly work together

Create your virtual huddle space allowing you and your colleagues to work together. Look at real life size prototypes on a videowall. Discuss and amend instantly in real-time from any location.


Massive reduction in development time

The traditional method of creating and modifying clay models takes lots of time and results in lengthy development cycles. Working on a virtual representation of your product allows you to make immediate changes. This reduces your overall development time by up to 70%.


Immediately achieve significant cost reductions

Expensive PCs and design software licenses can now be centrally located and shared. You can access these resources from anywhere. This helps maximizing utilization, saving costs and increasing your ROI.


Need more details?

Feel free to get in touch with an expert for more details. You can also simply download the solution brief below.